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I Should Be Studying!

Oh. My. God. Oh hai der college! Oh, buh-bye free time!

Actually, I have more free time than I’m claiming in the above lol-sentence. I just spend most of it not-writing since I do a lot of that for class. Seeing as how I’m partially an English major, I foresee a lot more writing in my future.

Note the word “partially.” Clickity-click here if you want to know about my boring lifeCollapse )

I have one week of crazy left. (Papers to finish, tests to take, presentations to give.) After that, I’m free for a month. So, hopefully, I can write something in that time. I’m actually really into expanding on Nisha, David, their bookstore, and their crazy little lives. Right now, I don’t have much more than a few drabbles on them, but I have some ideas.

One is an Ex-Libris version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, with a cameo from Tai and Emerich as Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. The other is a parody of Cinderella staring Robert (Nisha and David’s employee) as the title role, Nisha and David as the stepsisters, and Maria (the shop’s ghost) as the “fairy” godmother.

...I am deranged.

I was a newt, but I got better

Okay. I think I've got it. Crisis = over. Brain = working.

I'm planning on reduxing my story. (I mean, it worked for Star Trek, right?) I had some new ideas and they really work well. I'll be keeping the old stories, character info, and timelines up, but with a note stating that they're old school.

What changes are going to be made, you ask? To start, most character ages are going to take a swan dive. It makes thing really tidy and linear. The plot will have the same basic events, but with a few little tweaks. And, uh, I'm going to try and write it all chronologically. (Which probably won't work.)

Things you need to know:
- I originally planned the story to have two parts. The first part is what I was attempting to write. The second part takes place five years in the future.
- In the new version, things start out five years in the future. Then, they jump back to the present as the characters explain how the current situation came to be.
- As the final events of part one are explained, things jump back to the future (sans DeLorean) and the events of part two take place.
- The cake is a lie.

I'd like to fix up my journal's various links and get some character bios posted this weekend.

Why this entire project is probably fucked:
I'm going to college, bitches. You now get to endure four to five years of me bitching about how much life sucks, and why everyone needs to die. I have an overnight orientation Monday thru Tuesday, so expect a rant post about that.

So, wish me luck!


Existential Crisis Tickle

So I had a little existential writing crisis. First came the emo moment of panic where I was convinced that nobody would ever care about what I write. Then came the theory that I needed to rewrite every idea I had.

Then came the moment that I decided to step away from the damn computer before I drove myself to insanity and decided to start collecting toenail clippings or something.

While I was taking my writing hiatus, I did some (more logical) thinking.

Conclusions Under the CutCollapse )



What's in a Name

Title: What's in a Name
Verse: Defining Fate (Original) (Character info here, verse info here.)
Characters/Pairing: Razvan/Kieran
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied m/m relationship, mild language
Disclaimer: Everything here is my mental property
Summary: Saying the wrong name at the wrong time can ruin everything
Table/Prompt: Master Plots - "Discovery" (mission_insane)
A/N: Part two of my attempt to write a sequential story. (Part One is here.) This was a little strange to write, since it's the beginning of the end for a lot of things.

“You seem distracted Sal, anything wrong?”Collapse )

Changing Times

Title: Changing Times
Verse: Defining Fate (Original) (Character info here, verse info here.)
Characters/Pairing: Razvan, Varian
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language
Disclaimer: 'Tis my intellectual property
Summary: Razvan receives a disturbing visitor, and an even more disturbing warning.
Table/Prompt: Master Plots - "Metamorphosis" (mission_insane)
A/N: This closely resembles "The Truth of Potential." If I could only choose one of these two pieces to become canon, it would be this one. (This is also the first part of my attempt to write a sequential story, so be afraid.)

"What are you doing here?"Collapse )

Here Be... Dragons

Title: Here Be… Dragons?
Author: ammolite
Verse: Defining Fate (Original) (Character info here, verse info here.)
Characters/Pairing: Calandria, Emerich, Ness, Roy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language
Disclaimer: Em and Callie belong to me, while Ness and Roy belong to theearthkillers. The story takes place in my universe.
Summary: When time travel goes awry, four individuals end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really, really wrong.
Table/Prompt: Quotes: "When You Get to the End of Your Rope, Tie a Knot and Hang On” - Franklin Roosevelt (mission_insane)
A/N: Written for theearthkillers’s request to write a crossover involving these characters, the dark ages, and a dragon. As discussed, I used a different prompt. I probably took a few unintentional liberties with her characters, so I apologize.

Alright, if my calculations were correct, and I’m sure they were, we should be in the future.Collapse )

Character Pictures - Thanks Getty!

I was bored and decided to waste time. Strangely, my lack of productivity still benefits you, the readers. I'm just that good.

I was able to poke around on Getty Images and find some startlingly good royalty-free photos that resembled the main characters of Defining Fate.

The pictures are under the cut!Collapse )

Apologies and Ideas

So… there was no story this week because I was distracted by Gordon Ramsey I was busy. However, theearthkillers’s request about dragons, aliens, and pitchfork-wielding villagers is coming along. I hung out with her this weekend and we had some drinks and smoked some hookah, so she knows that I suck her request is going to be late.

After that, I’m not sure where I’m going. I could work on some (two or three) consecutive pieces of actual plot that I have in mind. Or, I can write the piece that will lead to another project that I’ve been working on. (Yes, there’s another project.)

It’s kind of a spin-off that I’ve had in mind for years, but have only recently finalized. The story surrounds Nisha Patel, who owns a bookstore, and David Ramirez, Nisha’s employee and best friend. It takes place in the same universe as Defining Fate.

More information under the cutCollapse )

Any opinions?


Bending the Rules

Title: Bending the Rules
Verse: Defining Fate (Original) (Character info here.)
Characters/Pairing: Razvan/Kieran
Rating: PG
Warnings: m/m relationship, mild language
Disclaimer: The characters are mine. The sandbox they’re playing in belong to lovelyhera, though it’s used with her permission. Go read her work!
Summary: All’s fair in love and war. Except when the love is outlawed by the government and the war is against average citizens.
Table/Prompt: Un-Themed #5 - "Fall" (mission_insane)
A/N: Written for lovelyhera’s request. She wanted me to write a human AU showing the characters building a relationship in her dystopian world. I had a lot of fun with this, so it turned out much longer than I expected (3k+). I apologize for any mistakes I made portraying her world.

Razvan sighed as he shuffled the papers on his deskCollapse )
Alright everyone, this is IMPORTANT.

Tomorrow, April 23, H.R. 669 will go before Congress. If passed, this bill will allow the government to reclassify all nonnative animal species. In doing so, it will become illegal to breed and sell many animals available in the pet trade. It will also affect people's abilities to keep these animals as pets.

That's right folks, PETS.

Now, you may be thinking that this affects me as a the crazy reptile girl, and it does. But it also affects people who keep many species of

  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Small Mammals
as a pet. Chinchillas? Not native. Parakeets? Not native. Bettas? Not native.

Now, this doesn't mean that Big Brother will knock down your door and shoot Fluffy in the head. However, finding products and services for these animals will becomes harder.

I use my animals for educational demonstrations. If this bill is passed, I may be able to get a permit to keep them. However, I doubt it since I'm still mainly a private collector.

Angry yet? Want to do something about it?

READ H.R. 669 so that you're familiar with it.

Then SPEAK OUT against the bill. Call and email your congressman and let them know that this is not the way to handle a problem like nonnatives species.

Thank you.